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Welcome to the official website
for  Haseena and her collection of 
unique surreal pen and ink artwork.
All of her prints are showcased in the
 " Art Gallery" section. and are 
available for purchase on  this site as
well  as in  various local retail 
outlets, music venues,art shows and
select art galleries.

Haseena's world is an esoteric canvas of contrasts, fears,
struggles, dark humor, hope and love. "My work may be considered quite sinister and is often controversial, but I don't create to please anyone. I create to make people think and provoke intelligent discussion about the subject matter" 
says the artist.
The teenage artist's freestyle execution of her black on white artwork is masterfully crafted,undeniably captivating & always thought-provoking. 

 From " The Legend Who Stood Alone" (a tribute to the late
 Michael Jackson)to "Adam & Eve" (a statement regarding the fallacy of religion); the subjectivity of Haseena's artwork is only limited to the imagination of the viewer. 

"Thank you to all my fans for supporting me and all my artwork. I am so grateful for the positive reaction and its powerful impact. Make sure to write your comments on any of my works by emailing me in my 'GUEST BOOK' section." 
                                                            - Haseena

 All artwork copyright 2009-2011 Haseena Peera as protected by law 
(title 17 US Code)Any reproduction of any kind without written permission 
from the artist is prohibited. Any violation will be between you and my 
attorney....... and you don't want that!


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