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About the Artist

Haseena is an Atlanta native specializing in surrealism art.

Her black and white pen & ink drawings have been showcased in galleries, tattoo shops, music venues, art shows,art stores and online.

A priceless moment of art and healing!

This video captures the magic of art as a healing force. Courtesy of Healium Center, Atlanta GA.

The artwork before you has been inspired and influenced by abuse, bullying, domestic violence, political & religious upheavals, economic crises, as well as personal growing pains.

At a young age the artist began creating drawings of her school experiences and those she observed of her peers. After traveling the world and gaining knowledge of diverse socio-political systems, abject poverty and human 

rights injustices, the artist gained a new perspective to incorporate in her pieces.

" The pen has always been my best friend and every line is a permanent one. I don't believe in mistakes or digital enhancement.

I choose to keep my pieces in black and white to evoke pure emotion and raw subjectivity. I really want my artwork to speak to the audience on a deep and individual level. Art should challenge the mind; I do not create to please. I create to provoke.

Special thanks to my father for pulling most of my pieces out of the trash and encouraging me to pursue my passions" - Haseena

Here's what some fans have to say;

"Wow!..I wasn't expecting to go see the artist Alex Grey and walk away with a new favorite artist; Haseena. Help this genius artist make it into the history books by buying the art, going to the shows and be blown away when you meet her.Truly a master who will go far!"        Emily.O

" I am blown away with Haseena's 'Adam & Eve'. What a masterpiece".


"At first glance her drawings capture you by their subject matter and skillful

execution. But as you look closer at the details you realize they're really deep!"


"Her ingenious artwork takes me through a journey so insightful, spiritual

and personal that it attaches to a part of your soul"


"Thank you Haseena for 'Exist' it was a self-realization piece for me." - V.T

" You absolutely rock girl!. You hit MJ 's tribute on the nail!" - Josh.Z

" I love ' So fix me'. among many others. That drawing just speaks to me!" -A.L

" I am still mesmerized by your drawings!" - Jefferson.O

" Took home two drawings today, and I cant stop looking at them. Ur really

awesome Haseena!" - Aermeney

" When I saw your piece entitled 'Tired' I just had to have it. Then as I looked around your booth I saw even more pieces that were reaching out to me!. I am now a proud owner of eight brilliant drawings that are hanging in my studio and seem to touch everyone who sees them" . You're a genius Haseena!.

- R. Osman

"OMG!.... I just adore your ArTshirt collection. I wore "Within" to a party last night and everyone wanted to know where I got it from" Sasha.O

" Haseena is an amazing talent!. The most imaginative and creative artwork to be showcased in this building in years." -Pat. R

" I am in absolute bewilderment of this artist's drawings. Her pieces are just so fluid and passionate!" - J. Cohen

" I can't believe this artist is self taught and only 19 years old!...Haseena you have an incredible future ahead of you!" - Jason.L

" Incredible depth & fluidity in raw pen & ink art I 've seen!"- Raul.C

" This is some serious, and mind-blowing shit!"- Natasha.L

" Absolutely the most amazing Atlanta emerging artist I've seen!- Scott.S

" This girl is gonna be an icon one day"- Terence.H

" WOW!.. Haseena, I love your VINTAGE collection.... its dope!"- Katie.M

" An incredible talent and amazing supportive parents. John. M

" The most unique and creative booth at Piedmont Arts Festival!"- Ben.S

" Great work Haseena!. Your drawings reflect the horrors of teen bullying and the struggles in my own life" . C.Rodriguez 

NOTE: Haseena's works are all created freehand using only a black ink pen and her mind. No digital enhancing or creative editing is done to preserve the drawings' natural imperfections & raw style.

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