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"Bloom" Limited Edition Vintage Paper

"The Giving Tree"

Artist's SELF PORTRAIT..... very deep piece~


"Daddy's Girl"

"King Of the World"

Artist's Story:

"A rendition of a 'successful man' with his tie and briefcase taking on the world after he sheds from his childhood. For eighteen years he's inched his way to the top with all his dreams and ambitions dangling above him. But now they seem to have been lowered. When he was a child they were limitless, now they rest on a short string. Nine to five suit and tie;he is still nothing more than a dirty, young immature child trying to be noticed and feel relevant. He feels important and powerful, with wads of money in his hand. In his world, he is larger than life.In reality, he is an insecure man of mediocre achievements. He is just a fool,fighting to feel like a king.” -H

"Blind Faith"

"No Evil"

" Womb"

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