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Artist's Stories

"King Of The World”

“A rendition of a 'successful man' with his tie and briefcase taking on the world after he sheds from his childhood. For eighteen years he's inched his way to the top with all his dreams and ambitions dangling above him. But now they seem to have been lowered. When he was a child they were limitless, now they rest on a short string. Nine to five suit and tie;he is still nothing more than a dirty, young immature child trying to be noticed and feel relevant. He feels important and powerful, with wads of money in his hand.In his world, he is larger than life.In reality, he is an insecure man of mediocre achievements. He is just a fool,fighting to feel like a king.”-H

“ Birth ”

“The cleansing of a mortal being is always masked by a catastrophe. Skin pulling from muscle, tissue shredding from bone, the exterior slowly being ripped from this person inside all of us over and over again. Everyday struggles of man, and the cruel unusual events that always seem to occur leave one feeling violated and weakened. In the midst of turmoil we must sacrifice to survive, and let the world take as it needs, only to grow stronger in the end. This is a portrait of pain at its peak, a portrait of succumbing to what we can't control. Most importantly it is a portrait of re-birth”- H

“The Nobody”

“Don’t look at him. In fact we rarely do. He makes a point

not to be seen. Insecurities are written all over his face

covering his true self. Silently bound by his self hatred, he

has no self- worth. He has been told by everyone that he is

nothing. He tried to be liked. He had stylish clothes, new

sneakers and all, but he never looks up anymore. His back,

permanently twisted. His neck stretched by the heavy dog like collar.You own him. We own him. He only speaks when spoken to and he will change his face to what we want to see. He knows nothing but to be invisible because he does not matter anyway. How can we care about someone who doesn’t even exist? ” - H

"It Is What It Is"

'Inspired by a man named Justin, this is a rendition of a person coping with life after suffering from a traumatic past. Having endured multiple setbacks including a life-threatening accident, this man copes with life on a day to day basis sedated by an excessive addiction to prescription drugs. With screws in his head,pills in his body and little money to show for, his destiny lies in his own hands. Having two pennies to rub, he caries a hope that although life "is what it is" that it can change for the better and become what he ' wants it to be' if he so wills"-H

"Blind Faith"

Eyes rolled back. Head freshly shaved. Nipples erect. Nose bleeding. This scene depicts a youth in a brainwashed, orgasmic state of fear and free will. A person who has given her voice to those organized religions who search to convert by force,guilt and manipulation. This vulnerable, naked, and seemingly 'sinless' woman has been bruised and beaten by the weight of the world, leaving her decisions in the hands of faith. Is she praying, or merely bounded by her false beliefs? Is this then a god-fearing puppet blinded by faith? ” -H


“A commentary on male dominance and the social stigma that surrounds the average male on a daily basis. His face washing away represents his loss of personal identity. The anchor on his withering forearm, a sign of strength juxtaposed on a weak body. The nails in his neck, a symbol of a machine designed by the modern day-pressures that gauge a man.He believes that the genitalia he was birthed with is what powers his decisions, his approval in society and his life. This is an insecure human being trapped in a false sense of power, created by his own shallowness and succumbed by a macho-driven stereotyped environment.” -H

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