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Atlanta GA

Little Boxes on Radio 105.7fm

Little Boxes gets on Atlanta radio!Hear the rest of this song on

Music by Haseena

In addition to being a pen & ink 

artist, Haseena is also a talented guitarist & songwriter of her music band

"Little Boxes"

Here is a sampling of some of her demo tracks . Enjoy!...

RUSH- Little Boxes

original music by Haseena- feat c.staggs


original Music by Haseena- Feat C.Staggs

I WISH- Little Boxes
original music by Haseena- Feat C.Staggs

DON'T SAY- Little Boxes

Original music by Haseena-Feat C.Staggs

PURA VIDA- instrumental

Original Music By Haseena

WINGS- instrumental w/Iman

Original Music By Haseena

HELLO GOODBYE- ListenLoveRepeat
Original Music By Haseena,feat J king

JUST SIXTEEN-ListenLoveRepeat

original Music By Haseena,feat J.king

IN MY HEAD- Live in concert-ListenLoveRepeat

Original Music By Haseena ,feat J King

KISS KISS-Live in concert-ListenLoveRepeat

original Music By Haseena, feat J King